K&&K CTF at Winter Hacker Festival – Fort Lauderdale – Florida 12-10-2016

We will be closing the year at the Winter Hacker Festival to be held at  the Broward Main Library on December 10th, 2016, there will be lock pick, HAM, and Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality  villages as well.  Come join us, have some fun and put your skills to test as we will have packet capture, exploitation and reversing challenges.   CTF and villages will be running from 11 AM until 5 PM on December 10th.

It has been a busy year  for K&&K CTF, below some pictures of  events held at the ISSA Hack The Flag in Miami and the ISSA International Conference at the Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas.  Need to reach out to us? Would you like to have us at your event? [email protected]

ISSA International Conference 2016, Reunion Tower, Dallas Texas 

img_20161102_183951856 img_20161102_183859318




ISSA South Florida Hack The Flag 2016





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