Great event at ISSA International, San Diego California 10-09-2017

Congratulations to the ISSA International for putting together such a great event. We had a number of very competitive teams and we also deployed deception technology for the first time in the game thanks to Attivo Networks . Competition was very tight with very good players. We will see you next on November 12th at Mobile Iron for our first CTF in Silicon Valley at Hack The Valley %27. Below some pictures from the event. 



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Amazing time at South Florida ISSA Hack The Flag 2017

South Florida ISSA 2017 keeps getting bigger and bigger. Over 200 participants at FIU Graham center. You keep coming… we keep making them bigger and better. Next up ISSA International Conference 2017 in San Diego California on October 9th. You can register here . After that, possibly a date in North California during November for our first CTF in Silicon Valley with Hack The Valley %27.  See you on the road…  Below some pictures of ISSA HTF 2017









Oh yes the music… 🙂 Here is one set, from DEFCON Packet Hacking Village DJ %27 sets

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WOW Hackmiami Conference V

Exploits wrote on the run, shellcode on the run, all kinds of shenanigans going on. Amazing time at Hackmiami Conference V – 2017 at Miami Beach, Florida. However no one could hack the omen… Congratulations to .@globlhax for winning it!. Well deserved. We will see you on the road. Below some pictures of the event.


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K&&K CTF at Hackmiami Conference 2017

We will be at the Hackmiami conference 2017. May 20, 21 at Deauville Beach, resort. As always we will have all kinds of exploitation, packet capture and trivia challenges. Looking forward to the 5th iteration of the Hackmiami Conference.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 12.41.54 PM

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K&&K CTF at Winter Hacker Festival – Fort Lauderdale – Florida 12-10-2016

We will be closing the year at the Winter Hacker Festival to be held at  the Broward Main Library on December 10th, 2016, there will be lock pick, HAM, and Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality  villages as well.  Come join us, have some fun and put your skills to test as we will have packet capture, exploitation and reversing challenges.   CTF and villages will be running from 11 AM until 5 PM on December 10th.

It has been a busy year  for K&&K CTF, below some pictures of  events held at the ISSA Hack The Flag in Miami and the ISSA International Conference at the Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas.  Need to reach out to us? Would you like to have us at your event? [email protected]

ISSA International Conference 2016, Reunion Tower, Dallas Texas 

img_20161102_183951856 img_20161102_183859318




ISSA South Florida Hack The Flag 2016





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Great time at Hackmiami Conference 2016 – Miami Beach, FL





Hackmiami Conference 2016

Amazing time and players at the Hackmiami Conference 2016!. Much congratulations to the winning team    and  for an amazing job winning the game. The new version of K&&K has lots of customized exploitation challenges, besides all the goodness you are used to in previous versions. We are also bridging N00bGrinder LAN with CTF LAN ;). All in all it was a great event and great game.

K&&K CTF will be at the following events in the upcoming months:

Below pictures from the event. Need to reach out to us? ([email protected] ,





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Upcoming events – March – May 2016


We will be at the following events in March and May

  • Private event TAMPA St. Leo University 03-09-2016

Hackmiami Conference – May 14 – 2016 at Deauville Resort
Register here

Need to reach out to us? [email protected]

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01-16-2016 Kommand && KonTroll CTF in NYC – POSTPONED

pown machine logo

We will be in New York City during the Bsides NYC weekend with a Capture The Flag event on Saturday, January 16th after 6 PM. The event will follow the Penetration Testing Class in NYC on Friday 15th, 2016.

This event has been postponed . New dates to be announced soon.

BSides NYC It’s going to be a great event. Check it out at 

Location and more details to be announced soon.




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12-12-2015 Holiday Hacker Fest!. Kommand && Kapture – LAN Party




Holiday Hacker Fest! Kommand && Kapture + LAN Party

On Saturday, December 12, 2015, we will have a CTP competition plus a LAN Party at the 7th Floor in the Broward Main Library in downtown Fort Lauderdale (100 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301). From 11 am until 5 PM. We will have a capture the packet, digital forensics type of competition.

LAN Party






Bring your gear and roll at the FPS Noobgrinder Party.


11 AM – 5 PM

Broward Main Library (7th Floor)

100 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Hosted by Creation Station 

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08-22-2015 South Florida ISSA Hack The Flag


On Saturday August 22nd we will be running the advanced capture the flag game at the South Florida ISSA. Get ready for a very very challenging game, you are going to sweat on this one :).  There will be plenty of Binaries, Exploitation challenges, and DPI as well.

Below the link for registration:

See you there, prepare for combat …

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Upcoming events 2015 – K&&K CTF4 , Kommand & Kapture


The year 2015 is starting off with 4 dates in the Florida area, we hope to see you there as always. We will have the new Kommand && KonTroll CTF4.There will be plenty of new challenges of ALL types in these games, plenty of new music/videos and of course shenanigans!.


We will also be introducing a new game focused on network forensics and defense called Kommand & Kapture.


If you would like more information about these games or would like us to host them are your events, please reach out to us at [email protected] .

Below find the links of the events will be at during the first half of 2015…

IBC 2015 – February 19th, Tampa, FL

Bsides Tampa 2015 – February 21st, Tampa, FL . Tickets here

Bsides Orlando 2015 – April 11th-12th 2015, Orlando, FL. Tickets here

Hackmiami Conference 2015 – May 16th, 2015, Miami Beach, FL

…more dates to be announced as we move forward into 2015. Can’t wait to see you all. Prepare for combat…

pown machine logo

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Upcoming events: 10/22/2014 ISSA International 11/15/2014 BsidesJAX


A couple of new dates added to our schedule, if you are around those locations or traveling to the events we will be bringing the game and party to the ISSA International event on October 22nd in Orlando, FL,  next we will be at Bsides Jacksonville, FL, on November 15, 2014. Below events webpages and registration links. See you soon.





Registration link :

B-Sides Jax Logo




Registation link:

Need to reach out to us? [email protected]

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Amazing time at the ISSA Hack The Flag 2014! 8-23-2014

pown machine logo

Once again we had an amazing time at the ISSA South Florida Hack The Flag 2014. We had a lot of players and great teams!. The change in the game was well received by those who have played past iterations and we are very happy it was the case.


We will see you at Bsides JAX  on November 15th. Please check out their event page and support B-Sides as they are a great way to develop local community and talent.  Thank you to Mr. Geck for the Lock Picking Village, the sponsors, much congratulations to the ISSA for  a great a event and thanks again to all the players who always make this game amazing.  Last but not least congratulations to the winners…  Below some pictures from the event. More dates to be announced soon…













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South Florida ISSA Hack The Flag 2014 08-23-2014

pown machine logo

On Saturday, August 23rd we will be bringing the party and game to the South Florida ISSA 2014, like the last 3 years. This game however will be a little different and it will not be what you are used to see on K&&K CTF. There will be lots of different and new challenges, yet there will still be some like prior iterations. This game was customized specially for SFISSA Hack The Flag brought to you by P0wn Machine (TM).  You can register here:

Notice that the game starts at 10:00 AM. NOT in the afternoon so do not be late!. There will be prizes for the winners and lots of food and beverages. If you are wondering about the next iteration of K&&K CTF, it will be released later this year in another event. See you there…

St Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox

5031 Sw 100th Ave, Cooper City, FL


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Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2014 was EPIC!, Miami Beach Fl 5-10-2014

Epic time at Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2014 !. Players writing exploits on the run, boxes getting popped left and right!. We had a great game and some amazing players. Congratulations to the winners and enjoy your access to CTF365 who sponsored this edition of K&&K CTF.  We closed up the day with the Internet Computer Party where the CTF was still going on and people had an amazing time with @djpercent27@dualcore and @realytcracker . Pictures speak for themselves and that’s the way K&&K CTF should be played, like being in a concert…



Internet Computer Party – Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2014 live set by Djpercent27 on Mixcloud

Bonus track…. DJ Percent 27 opening set at Internet Computer Party… More dates soon, stay tuned… Need to reach out to us?  [email protected]

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Amazing time at Bsides Orlando!, Orlando FL

Amazing time at Bsides Orlando!.  Two days of lots of fun and hacking! We had so many players, new tables had to be placed at the room. Some amazing teams and shenanigans like always….Cellphone network jammed, one team compromising entire network and blocking teams from certain challenges (very clever), and other teams creating exploits on the run!. Congratulations to the winners!. We will see you next on May 10th at the Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2014 buy your tickets here  !

Here are some pictures of this amazing event. Thank you everybody hope to see you soon! Need to reach out to us? [email protected]


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Upcoming events, Bsides Orlando April 5th,6th – Hackmiami Conference May, 10th 2014

Our first two dates  this year.






April 5th and 6th at Bsides Orlando , purchase your tickets here . Then….

… back in Miami on May 10th for Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2014 . Register here .

hackmiamicon (1)







See you there prepare for combat… More dates soon… stay tuned..

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Amazing time at the Winter Hacker Festival 2013, Miami Beach FL

Thank you everybody!. We had an absolute blast, some great teams and a game nobody wanted it to end 🙂 (We extended as much as we could…) Congratulations to team Tampa for winning the CTF and of course all the other teams as well, including some new players from the local and national scene.  Did you like the music played during the CTF?, you can listen to it at 

…And so we finish the year and we would like to thank everybody around the country who played and partied with us this year in our U.S tour. We expect to continue going to more places and events around the country next year, and possibly the first time ever outside the U.S. Below some pictures from the event.

If you would like to reach out to us please feel free to email us at [email protected] .  Thank you,  we will see you on the road in 2014! New dates to be announced soon.




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K&&K CTF 3 at Winter Hacker Festival, 12-07-2013 Miami Beach FL

kommand_kontrolDecember 7th, 2013 we will be at the  Winter Hacker Festival . Please register at . We will have full setup for K&&K CTF3 there will be cash prizes, also drinks and food for those who choose the VIP player package.


CTF will start at 12 noon until 6 PM. Team CTFU will red team the competition, so be prepared to attack and be attacked by a full team of players in addition to CTF targets.

We will have networking gear available and power, feel free to bring your own setup (firewall, server, extra cables, etc). CTF will end at 6 PM. Concert will start at 8 PM.  Check the lineup here:

Just like the Hackmiami Hackers Conference early this year, there will be a pool tiki bar setup for those who want to be right on the beach (CTF will be played indoors). This event has limited capacity so please make sure you register soon.

See you there. Prepare for combat!


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EPIC! TechFest – Boston, MA 10-8-2013


Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to the RSA Techfest for having us at their event.  Our biggest event to date and a setup anybody that makes CTFs could wish for. Special thanks to the setup/organizing team for making this event possible and EPIC. Of course CTFs are all about players, so many thanks to the players as well, without them there is no game.






Our next stop is Miami Beach on December 7th for the winter hacker festival . Will be posting full lineup and registration link soon.

Need to reach out to us? [email protected]



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9-14-2013 Awesome time at Hack The Flag ISSA South Florida

Huge turnout, incredible players, great time. Thanks to those who attended and congratulations to the winners. We will see you in Boston on 10-08 for Techfest then back in South Florida on December  07  for the Hackmiami Winter Hacker Festival . More dates will be announced as we go, including 2014 dates. Stay tuned…

Want to reach out to us ?

[email protected].

Some pictures of the event:





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Next Kommand && KonTroll CTF event 9-14-2013

Kommand && KonTroll CTF 3. Kaza B@B1L0N1A will debut on September 14th 2013 at the South Florida ISSA Hack The Flag. Details and  registration at


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Amazing time at Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2013, Miami Beach FL


We had an amazing time at Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2013. We had a good crowd playing CTF, helped with the screening of REBOOT the film, then we helped at the Hackmiami P0wn OFF. Thanks to all who came to say hi, played and helped us setup the P0wn OFF. Also thanks to those who were covering the event @rollingstone , @lukewearechange , @hackmiamiradio .

Special thanks to @alexheid , @revhattrick , @j0emccray , @armitagehacker . Also shouts out to @team_ctfu who won this episode of mix and match challenges of all previous versions of Kommand && KonTroll CTF.

We should be announcing soon the next CTF event where we will release Kommand && KonTroll CTF 3 Kaza B@b1l0n1a and the teaser trailer of Kommand && KonTroll CTF 4, inspired by true events…

Below find pictures of the CTF, REBOOT and P0wn OFF. You can always reach out to us at [email protected]







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Kommand && KonTroll CTF at Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2013 – Miami Beach, FL







We are almost there!. The first ever hacker’s conference in South Florida! and we are proud to be part of it. REGISTER HERE !!

As a celebration of this event we will be mixing up challenges from all the K&&K CTFs so far… (Around 50) . NO we will not be releasing Kaza B@B1L0N1A yet… 🙂 (It is almost ready though…) .

We will be having the CTF ALL Saturday until 12. AM or until people leaves for the awesome parties that are planned for the event. On Sunday we will be providing the infrastructure for the Hackmiami 2013 P0wn-Off – Pentest Tools Shootout . We heard some exciting new features on some of the leading commercial pentest tools will be released as well.

Come and join us have some fun and hack away.  As always be prepared for combat. Do not bring any personal, corporate, sensitive computer you do not want compromised, but bring your evil toolz of trade 🙂

Feel like reaching out to us? [email protected]

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Bsides Orlando was amazing!!! Orlando, FL

Much kudos to the organizing team of Bsides Orlando. The conference went pretty good with great speakers, an awesome party, and we had lots of players!.

ctfORL1Congratulations to @team_ctfu for winning the CTF and we also had some of the winners of SECCDC who placed 2nd. As always much thanks and shout outs to those who stopped by to say hi and helped us @geekevolved @tonylturner  @psifertex @tkrabec @hacksonville  @partlowjoe  demyosec and the entire organizing team, thank you very much for having us at BsidesORL.

….. Cellphones jammed and other SHANENIGANS…

At Kommand && KonTroll CTF anything goes… With exception of 3 clearly defined IP addresses (network is private with no out to internet)the rest is pretty much fair game. If you find a VM that is named  ‘Yo momma is… or F … YOU… ‘ it is likely that someone put it in there and is not part of the game. In Austin someone cloned a zombie and made it into a honeypot.

In Orlando someone was putting false flags in targets and also someone completely jammed the cellphones at the ctf room and the following object was found under one of the tables 🙂 …







Red Team in action…

For the first time in K&&K CTF we had a red team pretty much going around the network and tricking players into clicking stuff… here is some of what happened…








We had an incredible time and we hope you did too. Below find some pictures of the event. We will see you next at Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2013 on 05-18 and 05-19.  You can always reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions. See you then. Prepare for combat…





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K&&K CTF II at Bsides Orlando


Here we go!. March 13th and 14th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort at 8001 International Drive in Orlando FL  Register here!




We will be bringing our K&&K CTF II to Bsides Orlando and running it until they kick us out! Bsides Orlando will be having some awesome talk tracks and events, make sure you do not miss it.

Event page is here



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Can’t spell Austin without an A… as in AWESOME! – BSides Austin, TX

Awesome time at Bsides Austin, TX. Incredible conference, well organized, great content and most of all some of the best players in the country. We would like to thank Prolexic technologies @prolexic , Michael Gough @hackerhurricane and the team at BsidesAustin for their invitation and hospitality during our time at Bsides Austin.

CTF was hard fought by mainly two teams and eventually team one took over the CNC almost at the end of the conference.  Congratulations to @joshsokol  @mauvehed @obsinisize for winning fair and square. Well deserved @pwnieExpress prize.

Shout outs to those who  helped, played, stopped by and checked us out we always appreciate it.  @alexheid  @jduck31337  @egyp7 @victoriano3 @marcusjcarey @SinderzNAshes and all others who stopped by and I do not know your tweeter handle, thank you very much…

Last but not least much props to @mauvehed who not only was part of the winning team but provided us with some awesome mixes and mixed live during the CTF. Here is one of his awesome sets at DEFCON 19. Below also find some pictures of the event.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 5.41.51 PM
















For those who wonder how to have us at your conference, we will go anywhere as long as it is feasible  and you give us some time ahead to plan. You can reach out to us at [email protected]

… And the 2013 U.S tour continues… We will  see you at Bsides Orlando on April 13-14…

Prepare for combat…

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF at Bsides Austin, TX 03-21-2013

YES!! TEXAS!!! We are taking K&&K CTF II “Revenge Of The Carders” to Bsides Austin. We’ve been informed  that winner will get a PWNIE EXPRESS!!!!

Make sure you read this information before you play   kkctf



Here is the registration information for the event


Tickets here

See you there. Prepare for combat…

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#CapitolHillCTF Finals were amazing! 02-16-2013 Washington, D.C

Amazing night at  CapitolHillCTF finals! Playing CTF at  Mansion O in Washington D.C was an absolute trip. Thanks everybody that attended and helped with the event specially Jim from NimbleSec, Ivy , Nick Farr, and Cassandra Sechler whose video creations were shown during the CTF for those who wonder about some of the videos shown during competition.

CTF was hard fought, most of the teams were scoring one after the other. FDG team won competition by creating a SCADA exploit against one of the targets during the competition.  We had some incredible players it was really good to see you all there, thanks again.

Here is the final  pic of the scoreboard. We used the PTCORESEC  scoreboard for this game.


Here are some pics of the event as well…












NSA_logo_60681 (1)



Of course much thanks to the Sponsors who made the event possible.

hmlogo (2)
















Need to reach out to us? [email protected]  twitter @p0wnmachina

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02-16-2013 Kommand && KonTroll CTF Capitol Hill Takeover Finals, Washington DC

We will be in Washington DC during the ShmooCon weekend running the finals at the retired spy mansion at the Capitol Hill CTF event. We had some great teams at the pre quals and we expect the finals to be even better.

Get your tickets here

Any hints? well watch this video….

and…. have a translator in whatever form at hand…

Winners will take home this nice device courtesy of DEMYOSEC. This little device may actually ATTACK YOUR TEAM during the competition… 😉






See you there prepare for combat…

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Upcoming events – 2013






Capitol Hill Takeover  — Washington, DC. February 16th, 2013





Bsides Austin – 03-21-2013




Bsides Orlando — Orlando, FL. April 13th, 14th, 2013





HackmiamiCON  — Miami, FL. May 17th – 19th, 2013

More dates  will be added as they are confirmed . Stay tuned.

reach out to us at [email protected] twitter @p0wnmachina

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Tampa ISSA K&&K CTF 2 – 9-22-2012

Amazing event at Tampa ISSA!. Congratulations to the winners Hackmiami NG team. Shout-outs to the Whitehatters Computer Security Club. We had the biggest attendance ever during the Tampa CTF. Much thanks to the Tampa bay ISSA chapter specially Joe Partlow who made this event possible. Of course much thanks to the Miami P0wn Machine team. Below some pictures of the event. Stay tuned for future dates.









…oh yes the music 🙂

We always get asked about the music. Here are some of the mixes played during the CTF by DJ %27 truly yours

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF 2 @ ISSA Tampa 9-22-2012

On September 22nd we will be in Tampa at American Legion on the corner of Dale Mabry and Kennedy Blvd (3810 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33609). Be prepared for another awesome time of p0wning, great music, chili cook off and party.

Remember to read K&&K CTF II before you play so you are ready to play by the time you get there. The Samurai CTF will also be there for those who want to play entry level game.

One more thing… In FLL one of the teams was completely knocked out of the competition as their switch was compromised and rendered useless. Remember… in K&&K CTF all goes including attacking your computer, your switch, your msf pro… 😉 hint, hint…

Make sure whatever you put at the K&&K CTF network is hardened. Prepare for combat… Good luck.

Register here:

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF 2 at ISSA Hack The Flag 2012

Another amazing Hack The Flag!. Thanks to ISSA South Florida. All teams did good and for the first time more people played K&&K CTF than Samurai CTF!. All teams scored and compromised several hosts as for the total number of targets no team got over 30% of the whole game.

Congratulations to Broward Hackerspace the defending champions @n00bznet @arsecroft @d1sc0rd1an . We are of the opinion that Hack The Flag should be a full day event and more frequent. That may actually become a reality in the near future ;)…

We will see you on September 22nd at the ISSA Tampa Capture The Flag event. Stay tuned for future dates below some pictures of the event.

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF 2 at ISSA Hack The Flag 2012 – Fort Lauderdale, FL

On August 11th we will be at the Ukranian Church (5031 S.W. 100th Avenue, Cooper City, FL 33328) for the release of Kommand && KonTroll CTF 2 “Revenge of the Carders”. Here is the registration link and what you need to know before playing:


Read before you play:

We will try to start as early as possible make sure you come early to setup and read carefully about the things you will need to bring to the game. Game has grown in number of challenges, and there will be binary, web app and network type of challenges. Try to have a diverse team.

Rapid 7 will be sponsoring CTF, you should try Metasploit Pro as it may be useful on a few challenges. The rest you will be on your own…

As always the music will be awesome and you’ll notice quite an upgrade on the video setup.

See you then. Prepare for combat…

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF 1 at HOPE9, New York, NY


Incredible time at HOPE9 in NYC!. Thank you everyone that participated, played or just hung out with us at the CTF table. Here are some pics of the event.

Congratulations to the winners: @tt , @javantea, @drSneeze, @brandontansey







Special thanks to PLX @kingTuna for his support and help to make this happen in NYC. Shouts out to  @marcofigueroa @kevinfigueroa @hans_bosch @cp_rants @hopenumber9 @nickf4rr @ivydigital

Will see you at the ISSA Hack The Flag 2012 on August 11th then ISSA Tampa on August 25th September 22nd. We had some invites to take K&&K CTF  to CC Camp in Europe. Let’s see if we can make it happen.

Need to reach out to us? @p0wnmachina , [email protected]

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF 1 at HOPE Number 9, New York, NY July 13th – July 15th, 2012

As part of Hackmiami support and contribution to HOPE Number 9 we are taking our new setup of Kommand && KonTroll CTF 1  to the conference. You will be able to see for yourself, attack and defend against some of the most popular malware crimeware tools in the wild. Last chance to play Kommand &&  KonTroll CTF 1. See you there!.

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF at WCSC -Tampa 12-17-2011

…and JZ00z built my hot bot…: )    

Awesome time in Tampa at the WCSC. We had a good crowd of players and lots of fun. Broward Hackerspace/303 came back with a VENGEANCE absolutely OWNING IT ALL!!!

It was awesome to see the winning team p0wn target by target, a team composed of  great people (Some I’ve played CTFs with..) and with a diverse and rich skills in many different areas. Only a team like that can win K&&K… and they did it.

I would like to congratulate and thank the winning team @n00bznet ,  @shitroamersays , @kingtuna , @d1sc0rd1an , Pr0xy , Alex and Raj  for winning the CTF. All I can say is this… 45 mins before ending game all they had was C&C connected to a BeEF server via firefox…. that was it… from there they went all they way up until completely owning C&C… Once again congratulations. We always learn from players.

Also many thanks to Zak and the people at WCSC that hosted us at their place at USF.


As for the music we had a little of Dubstep backlash!! so I focused on Minimal,Indie dance, Tech House and some break core and Com Truise….

Below some pictures of the event. Stay tuned for future dates…. Hack The Planet!

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF – TAMPA, FL 12-17-2011

Tampa-Orlando-The space coast. Home of some of the best CTF players in the country. We cannot wait to have “La Bestia” at their mercy… We will be at the White Hatters Computer Security Club at the University of South Florida on December 17th, 2011.

This is an OPEN event ALL welcome. We will have full setup, new music, videos and of course plenty of targets to P0wn!!!.  See you there prepare for combat…

Date: Saturday December 17th, 2011.

Location: University of South Florida

MSC – Marshall Student Center, 3707 (3rd Floor)

Location Map

Time: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm




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Kommand && KonTroll CTF at Hacker Halted – Miami, 2011

We had an awesome time at Hacker Halted 2011. We had some great players and pretty cool
people stopping by and checking it out.

Thanks  and congratulations to @dan_crowley and @jolly for winning the CTF and also winning at the Cyberlimpycs.

Dan was p0wning targets LEFT  and RIGHT. Awesome job!. Let’s take a look at the hardware related challenges we featured at this edition of Kommand && KonTroll CTF

In this picture we have the 3 hardware related challenges.

PrintMe Flag. The only way to win this flag was to first compromise the target VM at the ESXi then escalate privileges and finally print the flag.

At the center there is an Arduino UNO/Ethernet shield. This was pretty easy. It consisted of a HTTP parameter that had to be modified in order to turn ON /OFF the LED in a certain sequence. Most players got this one pretty fast.

Then the SheevaPlug server which could be by itself a single CTF. I used this one for Flash M0b CTF at DEFCON but back then this little wonder was running a FULLY functional C&C with two Zombies which were XP SP2s. This time it was running an install of WP that had several vulnerable plugins and the flag was the MD5 hash found at password table. Also notice that there is an USB programmable LED display attached to it. The characters displayed were also modifiable but to do it player had to gain root and compile some code which is actually available on the internet.

Most targets at Kommand && KonTroll CTF have SEVERAL attack vectors as I try to give players with different backgrounds the opportunity to win it, be it a web app or network or binary type of background. Below are some pictures of the event. If you want us to be at your event or you organize these type of competitions and want us to partner up feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] . Thanks again to EC-Council and all the people at Hacker Halted 2011 that stopped by and played.  And for the record no one has yet taken over the C&C. Stay tuned for future dates…

P.S: Most people said that the MUSIC was awesome. Well the music was basically hand picked Tech House/Minimal/Dubstep from MIA/NYC/London UNDERGROUND EDM scene which I am an avid follower of :)… No you won’t be hearing that music on the radio or TV anytime soon…..

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF will be at Hacker Halted 2011 – Oct 26/27


We will be at Hacker Halted 2011 on October 26/27 in Miami, FL. We will be bringing the full setup PLUS we will introduce new challenges.

Hardware related challenges. No this will not be about making stuff but probing embedded OSs that will certainly drive hardware behavior once targets are compromised…. Hint.. stuff that goes ON and OFF..

We will also be featuring new multimedia tricks that we are sure you will find entertaining. Of course we will have some awesome selection of underground electronica in our open DJ/VJ station. Also playing Kommand && KonTroll CTF will warm you up for the Cyberlympics at the conference..


See you there. Prepare for combat..

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Kommand && KonTroll CTF at ISSA South Florida – Hollywood, FL, 2011

We had an incredible time at the ISSA Hack the Flag event and Chili Cook-off in Hollywood, Florida. Thank you very much to ALL who attended, played,  and danced with us. Some described the Kommand && KonTroll CTF as a “COMPUTER RAVE”. We are glad we were able to deliver a multimedia experience beyond common CTFs.

Participants from as far as DC303 and Gainsville came down to participate. A total of 3 teams played this game with a team of 6, a team of 4, and a team of 3 players. The Gainsville guys along with South Florida’s Mike Pella took 1st place by almost twice the points. The two other teams tied at 700 points each. After 4 hours of game play only about 25% of the environment was explored.

Couldn’t get enough? Kommand && Kontroll CTF will be hosted at Hacker Halted later this year.

Here are some pictures from the event.




For more information contact us at [email protected]






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