Bsides Orlando was amazing!!! Orlando, FL

Much kudos to the organizing team of Bsides Orlando. The conference went pretty good with great speakers, an awesome party, and we had lots of players!.

ctfORL1Congratulations to @team_ctfu for winning the CTF and we also had some of the winners of SECCDC who placed 2nd. As always much thanks and shout outs to those who stopped by to say hi and helped us @geekevolved @tonylturner  @psifertex @tkrabec @hacksonville  @partlowjoe  demyosec and the entire organizing team, thank you very much for having us at BsidesORL.

….. Cellphones jammed and other SHANENIGANS…

At Kommand && KonTroll CTF anything goes… With exception of 3 clearly defined IP addresses (network is private with no out to internet)the rest is pretty much fair game. If you find a VM that is named  ‘Yo momma is… or F … YOU… ‘ it is likely that someone put it in there and is not part of the game. In Austin someone cloned a zombie and made it into a honeypot.

In Orlando someone was putting false flags in targets and also someone completely jammed the cellphones at the ctf room and the following object was found under one of the tables 🙂 …







Red Team in action…

For the first time in K&&K CTF we had a red team pretty much going around the network and tricking players into clicking stuff… here is some of what happened…








We had an incredible time and we hope you did too. Below find some pictures of the event. We will see you next at Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2013 on 05-18 and 05-19.  You can always reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions. See you then. Prepare for combat…





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