Kommand && KonTroll CTF at Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2013 – Miami Beach, FL







We are almost there!. The first ever hacker’s conference in South Florida! and we are proud to be part of it. REGISTER HERE !! hackmiami.com

As a celebration of this event we will be mixing up challenges from all the K&&K CTFs so far… (Around 50) . NO we will not be releasing Kaza B@B1L0N1A yet… 🙂 (It is almost ready though…) .

We will be having the CTF ALL Saturday until 12. AM or until people leaves for the awesome parties that are planned for the event. On Sunday we will be providing the infrastructure for the Hackmiami 2013 P0wn-Off – Pentest Tools Shootout . We heard some exciting new features on some of the leading commercial pentest tools will be released as well.

Come and join us have some fun and hack away.  As always be prepared for combat. Do not bring any personal, corporate, sensitive computer you do not want compromised, but bring your evil toolz of trade 🙂

Feel like reaching out to us? [email protected]

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