K&&K CTF 3 Before you play

K & Kontrol 3-2 (2)

Hello and welcome again to iteration #3 of the Kommand && KonTroll series. This time we will be exploring the territory from Rio Grande to Patagonia with lots of stuff from South America. In past episodes Kommand && KonTroll  has been about exploiting malware  and malware creators.

In this episode we are going to see a completely different scenarios where heroes, villains and saints can change roles at any moment. With that in mind there will be all kinds of scenarios and some of them believe it or not are real like the nuclear tractors…  Again this will be all against all and here are some highlights of what you will find.

Like always there will be low hanging fruit… 🙂


Very very passionate people….





Some with different views…









and you can test yourself the veracity of some urban legends… (or was it true?)









and much much more… we will also be introducing new scoreboard, brand new gear, new music, and new videos we will also introduce a new set of challenges based on packet captures. You will need access to the internet to do research and translation. Like always this is a GAME, try to enjoy and learn as much as you can. Prepare for combat.

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