What is it?

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Allow us to host a Capture The Flag game at your next tech conference event.

What you get  

P0wn Machine TM will bring private online environment, with competitive challenges. These computer security games are a series of themed challenges provided via a virtual network environment. The users plug into a private, protected network and then navigate through the challenges, which cover the following areas:

Network Forensics, Steganography, Network Exploitation, File forensics, Malware reversal and detection, Web application exploitation, Computer security trivia, Metasploit challenges, Binary reverse engineering, Open Source Intelligence, Threat Intelligence,Exploit Development.

The games can be customized and themed to conferences or organizations, depending on the areas and industry vertical preferred by customer. P0wn MachineTM Kommand && KonTroll games have been featured in some of the most known infosec / hacking conferences around the country including B­Sides Orlando, B­Sides Austin, TX, ISSA South Florida, Hacker Halted 2011, Hackers on Planet Earth 2012 in New York, RSA Techfest 2013 in Boston, MA, Capitol Hill CTF in Washington, DC (Sponsored by the NSA), ISSA International Conference 2014, University of South Florida in Tampa, and Rolling Stones featured Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2013,­2014*,2015.


We’ve created an immersive, fun, hacking environment where event attendees can test their skills. Combined with a social element of music and video that will keep participants playing for hours on end. So plugin and give it a shot.






What we provide   

The hardware necessary to get this running smooth. Servers, routers, networking gear, DJ system, and a crew of admins who keep it going.





Who should play? 

Anyone who enjoys the thrill of researching security in networks, web apps and malware. All done in an isolated private network.



How much would this cost me?

Pricing varies per location; if you’re local it’s obvious it will be a lot less. Get in contact with one of our members to learn more.

Are there prizes?

This is usually provided by the company/group the CTF is being hosted for. In addition, a rare badge and bragging rights ;^

If you would like us to be at your event or you organize these type of competitions and want to partner up feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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