South Florida ISSA Hack The Flag 2014 08-23-2014

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On Saturday, August 23rd we will be bringing the party and game to the South Florida ISSA 2014, like the last 3 years. This game however will be a little different and it will not be what you are used to see on K&&K CTF. There will be lots of different and new challenges, yet there will still be some like prior iterations. This game was customized specially for SFISSA Hack The Flag brought to you by P0wn Machine (TM).  You can register here:

Notice that the game starts at 10:00 AM. NOT in the afternoon so do not be late!. There will be prizes for the winners and lots of food and beverages. If you are wondering about the next iteration of K&&K CTF, it will be released later this year in another event. See you there…

St Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox

5031 Sw 100th Ave, Cooper City, FL


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