Kommand && KonTroll CTF at WCSC -Tampa 12-17-2011

…and JZ00z built my hot bot…: )    

Awesome time in Tampa at the WCSC. We had a good crowd of players and lots of fun. Broward Hackerspace/303 came back with a VENGEANCE absolutely OWNING IT ALL!!!

It was awesome to see the winning team p0wn target by target, a team composed of  great people (Some I’ve played CTFs with..) and with a diverse and rich skills in many different areas. Only a team like that can win K&&K… and they did it.

I would like to congratulate and thank the winning team @n00bznet ,  @shitroamersays , @kingtuna , @d1sc0rd1an , Pr0xy , Alex and Raj  for winning the CTF. All I can say is this… 45 mins before ending game all they had was C&C connected to a BeEF server via firefox…. that was it… from there they went all they way up until completely owning C&C… Once again congratulations. We always learn from players.

Also many thanks to Zak and the people at WCSC that hosted us at their place at USF.


As for the music we had a little of Dubstep backlash!! so I focused on Minimal,Indie dance, Tech House and some break core and Com Truise….

Below some pictures of the event. Stay tuned for future dates…. Hack The Planet!

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