Amazing time at the Winter Hacker Festival 2013, Miami Beach FL

Thank you everybody!. We had an absolute blast, some great teams and a game nobody wanted it to end 🙂 (We extended as much as we could…) Congratulations to team Tampa for winning the CTF and of course all the other teams as well, including some new players from the local and national scene.  Did you like the music played during the CTF?, you can listen to it at 

…And so we finish the year and we would like to thank everybody around the country who played and partied with us this year in our U.S tour. We expect to continue going to more places and events around the country next year, and possibly the first time ever outside the U.S. Below some pictures from the event.

If you would like to reach out to us please feel free to email us at [email protected] .  Thank you,  we will see you on the road in 2014! New dates to be announced soon.




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